Monday, May 05, 2008


I always receive invitations to join this social networking site and I always refuse. Friendster is for keeping in touch with your friends. I have been using my Yahoo! email (and messenger) account ten years now. If I would like to be in touch, I think it's enough. Those who know my email address already know how to get in touch - no need for Friendster. In some cases, I maintain or join Yahoo! mailing lists. Currently, I maintain mailing lists for my college barkada, my high school friends, my IRC friends, and my family. I am also a member of a few communities I feel strongly wtih, my town folks and the community of Filipino freethinkers and atheists. So next time I refuse to join your friend network in one of the social networking sites, it doesn't mean I am refusing to renew or maintain our communications. You have always known my contact detail. I can be reached there any time. I check my emails regularly.

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