Sunday, May 27, 2007

Reviving and Renaming this Blog

I have decided to rename and revive this blog where I can post my take on matters concerning Paete, Laguna, Philippines.

But why?

Truth is like an exquisitely cut diamond. It has to have many sides. I would like to present here yet another side of town, the side that most participants of the more established forums about Paete don't seem to accept to be existing, or would rather sweep under the rug because they would rather not be bothered about it for various practical reasons.

Paete Politics. Currently there is Ka Noel's administration and the "other" camp. The "other" camp depends on which election year we are referring to. This year, it's mainly Mr Florentono "Florsan" Velasco's camp. Three years ago, it was ex-mayor Elmoise "Emo" Afurong's camp. Unlike others who see it as red or blue or green, I see it as a mix bag of colors. I voted for a mix of candidates in the last elections. I think Kon. Kid Paraiso is doing a splendid job so I voted him. I don't know most of the other candidates but I know Mr. Manding Afuang and I voted for him as well. But I cannot deny that I am generally not pro-red, so I am not in sync with the majority of the active forum participants and this seems to be an annoyance to some of the immature (retarded?) members. To them, a contrary opinion is being utak talangka just because I disagree with them. Three years ago, I wouldn't have voted for ex-mayor Emo for mayor. I told my father why they had to do that when they could have just fielded their own candidate? This year, I voted for ex-mayor Emo to be our representative in the provincial board. As for this year's mayoral bets, I had to think very hard in order to decide. I didn't expect to be able to vote and when the opportunity presented itself almost overnight, I had to get past a dilemma - a very able and charismatic leader is really difficult to put down.

I am reviving this blog where I will put copies of my posts to the other forums for reference as well as for writing here what can be considered as "negative" or "taboo" in the other mailing lists.

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