Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Brownouts During Elections

I posted in Usap Paete about the brownouts that hit the ballot counting, and at one point, only the upper palengke had no power when the rest of Ibaba the power was restored. My motivation to post was to ask why was it taken for granted that brownouts happen during ballot counting? I never read any mention of it in Usap at all when it's not without precedent that election results were affected after a brownout. I got a reply from Mr. Hernas that if I didn't see any irregularity, I should just move on. But I didn't say there was irregularity in the counting. What I said was that during the ballot counting there were "weird" brownouts including one where only the upper palengke didn't have power, where some of the precincts were located. In fact, I specifically stated that I am not accusing this or that camp of wrong-doing so that I would not be misunderstood in that area but still...

My post was intended to ask why Paetenians seemed to have taken it for granted that brownouts during ballot counting is BAU (business as usual), and since I didn't see any irregularity, I should just move on? His response is exactly why I posted my message. The brownout itself was the irregularity that people have come to take for granted. Now the brownouts remain unexplained, it continued to fuel speculations among the people that there was some wishy washy counting that went on. If we could only explain the brownouts, then maybe it can help change the perception of the people. The truth of course is not dependent on individual perception but perception to the individual is whathis reality is. If brownouts continue to plague each election like that and if the results are close enough like this one, emotions of the people run high and the town more divided. But only for some time because Paetenians eventually accept the result and move on with their lives.

Now, an alleged Paetenian living in Canada complained about my posts spoiling his/her moment of relaxation when he/she visits the site, and asked me to give him/her a break. Hello, okay ka lang? My right to express my opinion (which he/she completely misunderstood) is not superseded by your right to relax specially if my opinion is not about you.

As expected, I only got ad hominems for answers. Oh well.

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