Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Wonder Why?

I am getting flamed again. Why are some people so narrow-minded? This guy is so amusing that even using "LOL" in the forum has become an issue!?!? The irony of it all is that that was supposed to be coming from somebody who fancy himself an extreme moralist. Beware when somebody tells you that he is a moralist, specially an extreme one. Give him enough power or enough chance and see what he is capable of doing. Reminds me of President Bush who said "liberty for the Iraqi people is a great moral cause." He waged war for his misplaced convictions and in the process, destroyed thousands of innocent Iraqi lives. I will not dispute his very strong opinion about me since he admitted that he didn't know me personally. I am just wondering where is it all coming from?

And forget about his ignorant arguments against atheists and atheism. *yawn*


ted pagalanan said...

Well, let's just hope for new refreshing postings. After all the much ado about nothing, I believe the participants will be more careful and move on smoothly paved routes and to clearer directions. Back to clean slate.

Have faith in the faithful.

paetechie said...

ganyan talaga marami tao dun sa atin :(

ted pagalanan said...

paetechie, are they that which do much about nothing or faithful or both?