Saturday, August 25, 2007

Liceo De Paete Class of '89

I am trying to organize a small meeting for the Liceo De Paete Class of '89 to which I belong. It has been awhile since our class had a reunion and given the current state of affairs, our last known president has gone into exile, I am pushing for a coup d'etat to overthrow the govenrment in exile and legitimize the emeging Coalition of the Willing. I am looking forward to meeting for the first time in eight years my dear friend Agu. But something happened. I was supposed to have taken my vacation from Wednesday but too much work (we are in the critical stage of a building move which means systems have to move as well). I had to stay back a few more days to see to it that the last task is completed this week so I cancelled my flight booking and moved it to Saturday. That's tomorrow. But something was still not quite sure comfortable so I had to cancel my flight a second time. Most likely, a few more days is needed so that I can confirm that the patch I did for a piece of software will work on Monday. If all's well, I will be home soon enough. This has been turning out to be the longest work week I ever had. It will be over soon enough.

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ted pagalanan said...

so you are two years ahead of us, Mr. Presidentiable.

as you might have already heard, President Aldrin in our PES Class '87 is organizing our only 2nd elementary reunion.

you two surely have busier days to come.

good luck!