Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Random Thoughts

I chanced upon Aldrin's blog hosted on Friendster and I never stopped reading it. Unfortunately, I have to sign-in in order to post a comment. I don't have a Friendster account despite the countless invitations I receive. (It seems that it's very popular to my kababayan Paetenians.) I don't want to create one just so I can comment so I am writing about it here. Hey, Aldrin if you ever get a chance to visit this space - here's a Hi to you. I enjoyed reading your posts, very honest and down to earth and maybe because I can directly relate to most of what you have written about. I will surely be back to read some more...

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crgwaldrin said...

Hi Tony, i finally made it to your space. Thanks for appreciating my blogs, they are but simple words put together with an attempt to write down some thoughts. And thanks for putting a link here.

regards, aldrin