Thursday, January 10, 2008

Decorative Panel Sculptures

I was recently visited by a high school friend mainly to catch up about life and what not. We haven't seen each other for years maybe and I almost failed to recognize him to my embarrassment. He mentioned that he's working in a small furniture manufacturing outfit geared for export. He works as a skilled craftsman doing what we call in our town as "labor." I tried looking up what it's called in English but in vain. For some time now I have been thinking of wall accents, mainly panels I can put on the bare walls of my place and he just came in the right time. I asked him to produce me a design but given that I was flying out the next few days, I didn't have time to wait for any designs. I will be looking at them in March and if I like it, I'd have samples carved for trial. I'm sure they will look good on the walls.

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