Monday, January 07, 2008

Short Vacation

I came back to Tokyo yesterday from a week's vacation mostly in Laguna. I wasn't able to spend much time away from the house due to the small things that I needed done in and around the house. I managed to take some boring pictures of things around which has not changed much anyway. This time around it's different in that the leaving part was easier than the last. Maybe because I find my vacations getting less and less enjoyable because I am finding myself dealing more with unnecessary burden that is being put on my shoulders by the constant stream of people spoiling it. Maybe leaving is easier because it affords me the escape that I needed in order to keep my sanity.

Why do I keep coming back to the town of my birth and childhood? I wish someday I can tell myself I had enough of it then move on. That I shall not be wanting to go back any more. I want to be forward-looking and never look back ever.

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